Orphan’s Promise – Giving hope. Promising Love.

Vi was born deaf in rural Vietnam. For children and people like her, there is no education, little to no jobs and some say, no future. Thanks to Orphan’s Promise, they have partnered with a school in Vietnam that teaches signing, math, writing, reading, character development, and growing with other kids just like Vi. They are giving an opportunity for a future to these children.

When we heard of Vi’s story, we were drawn instantly to it. Her grandma played a huge role in learning about this school and taking Vi to it daily. Our team flew to Vietnam so we could capture not only her story, but the culture and environment in Vietnam. We learned that Vi is one of many that experiences these challenges and their stories need to be shared.



“Working with Collector is an incredible value to our organization. As a non-profit we have limited resources to hire a large number of staff, but Collector feels like an extension of our organization. They share our passion to make a difference in the world. As a Marketing Director, I rely on world-class storytelling to move the hearts of our donors to support our work around the world and Collector over-delivers in that category time and again. Our most recent collaboration in Vietnam resulted in more than $50K raised to help children in need! What an awesome thing to work on together. “

Drew Friedrich, Director of Marketing



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